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How to attract Guest Bloggers to your Blog?

Guest Blogging is a way by which bloggers write articles on someone's blog in order to get exposure, backlinks, etc. On the other hand, Bloggers accept guest blogging to get fresh content, increase blog traffic, etc. So, guest blogging works in one of two ways: You write a post that appears on another person's blog or Another person writes a post to appear on your blog.

In order to attract guest bloggers, you must make sure that you give more exposure to them. In doing this, you can be assured that the person will return again to write quality content for your blog.

However, the default WordPress author page is not so attractive. So it is better that you install a premium plugin called Author+.

What is Author+?

Author+ is a premium WordPress Plugin that turns your author pages into feature rich content and adds extended bio to your WordPress Author Pages. 

What are the advantages of using this plugin?

It gives Authors Boost And ExposureAuthor+ can create extended Author Bios which can be easily embedded into the author templates. It turns author pages into valuable landing pages on your blog.

Easily Create Goggle Rich SnippetsAuthor+ will help you easily and quickly make your author pages and your blog posts compatible with Rich Snippets.

Reward Regular Contributors With “Top Author” Pages - You turn your about us page into a doorway page for your authors quickly and easily with one line of code. This page auto-updates with the details of your most prolific authors, meaning your best and most prolific authors will get the most exposure on your blog.

This plugin is great for multi author blogs and will help you to attract more guest bloggers in your blog.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Visit Fans Bridge to learn Facebook Marketing

How to create and set your Facebook Page correctly? How to Get Free Fans? How to interact with  your Fans? How to use your page Settings? How to make money with your page? How to Use The Facebook Advertising System?

These are the questions faced by each and every blogger when they start Facebook marketing for the first time. Even people with experience in social media marketing, may face some of these problems. So what to do? 

You have two options: 

1. Just sit and watch others taking the advantage of Facebook to grow their online business.
2. Learn all about Facebook Marketing and start yourself.

I am sure you would choose option 2.

But where can you learn the tips and tricks of Facebook Marketing?

Fan Bridge is the place where you can learn all about Facebook Marketing. The blog contains everything related to social media and special attention is given to Facebook. The blog contains three main sections - Facebook Marketing Tips, Facebook News and Facebook Tutorials

The owner of the blog is Faissal Alhaithami, a 20 year old blogger from Qatar. The author shares his strategies, tips, experiences, failures and successes in Facebook marketing. He shares everything that he knows and that has worked for him. He also provides a free eBook – Facebook Marketing Secrets. If you follow his tips carefully, you will definitely be successful and you will not face any difficulty in Facebook Marketing. The is always there is help you.

So just visit Fans Bridge and learn everything about Facebook Marketing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life Insurance - Do we need it at all?

What is life insurance? Is insurance a wastage of Money? Why do I need it? I don’t have time for life insurance. How to choose my insurance provider? How can I find my actual cover? Oh God! There are so many Life Insurance market players..where do I get the best deal???

Questions are many. Answer is ONE.

Hey guys!! Please log on to A one stop basket full of answers to any questions related to your Life Insurance. Life Insurance Finder is independently owned by Comparison Finder and offers you unbiased information and advice on Australia’s leading insurers like OnePath, Tower, Zurich, AXA etc. The site serves you with the ability to search for all types of life insurance or income protection insurance in one place. They also provide you Life insurance and income protection insurance calculators. A search function is there to instantly find the information you need.

Life Insurance Finder is your well wisher and your true friend which helps you to understand the complicated and difficult subject of Insurance. It’s very simple here. You need not be a techie. Visit the site and you’ll find a fast three step process to generate life insurance or income protection insurance quotes. You may even gain knowledge about the types of Insurance available in the market, tips about your right cover.

Wonderful articles in the website mention the procedures, benefits, coverage, risk involved and what not!! In case of any kind of query, there are direct enquiry forms so that you can be contacted by the right person for your best suited needs at the time you wish to get speak to. Now don’t waste time and rush off to get a quote!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

NeoBux Review

NeoBux Review

Since it’s pre-launch in April 2008, NeoBux has been a slightly different paid to click site compared to your common “paid to click” site.

For starters NeoBux sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd with instant payments, no more waiting business days on your money, you receive your payment within seconds of requesting your money. To protect your funds and account from hackers, NeoBux has a very sophisticated security system which is secured by a 256-bit SSL. For extra account security, NeoBux allows for a users the option to have secondary password needed to login to the account. Additionally, for extra security, users can also order a NeoBux security card. Once the NeoBux security card is activated users can chose what level of security their account has. Every time the card is required, users will be asked 3 random positions in the card’s code, printed on the back. Failure to enter the codes after a few attempts will temporarily block your account and you’ll be warned by email. Even if someone has your password, your secondary password and even your email password, they will be blocked from making changes or performing transactions of any kind.
NeoBux also has a very unique auto-clicker blocking system, requiring you click on an ad, then click a second time on a red dot located somewhere in the ad box to view the ad and receive your earnings. This ensures for advertisers that only real people are visiting and viewing their advertisements on NeoBux. Aside from these features, NeoBux also has a unique way of “making” referrals active. In order to receive any earnings from your referrals, users must be actively clicking ads, if no ads are clicked a user will not receive their referrals earnings the following day.
NeoBux Ads to click -
NeoBux usually has 6-10+ ads per day for standard members and 15+ for golden members. Some users may get less ads at times due to their country or region.
NeoBux Earnings -
NeoBux earnings are very good, as a standard member you will receive $0.01 per click on regular ads and $0.0150 per extended view ads, and you will receive $0.005 per referral click. As a premium member you will receive $0.01 per ad and $0.02 per extended view ads, and $0.01 per referral click. You will also earn 10% of any purchase one of your referrals make.
NeoBux Referrals -
NeoBux does offer referrals like any other PTC site, the only catch to the referral program is you cannot purchase referrals permanently, referrals are rented. Referrals can only be rented for a month at a time, this system may seem kind of lame but their are advantages. At anytime you can replace and inactive referral instantly from your control panel for just 8 cents. Another advantage to the renting system by enabling “autopay” from your user control panel, you can setup referrals to automatically pay for themselves so you do not have to handle making a monthly payment.
Referral renting prices for standard members are as follows: 3 referrals $0.93, 10 referrals $3.10, 20 referrals $6.20, 30 referrals $9.30, 50 referrals $15.50, 70 referrals $21.70 and 100 referrals $31.00. Aside from renting, there are referral jackpots and you can refer your own NeoBux referrals for free with your referral link you get after registering.
NeoBux Site Performance / Design -
The overall performance of the site is phenomenal, the design and layout is very professional and easy to navigate. Everything the site has to offer is well organized, you can really tell the site was built from the ground up. The user control panel offers a decent range of options, including graphs for tracking your clicks as well as your referrals clicks. NeoBux does offer an on-site forum which is integrated into the design of the site, there’s no need for two separate accounts like with most PTC sites whom offer a discussion forum.
NeoBux Support -
NeoBux has a forum and support system. The admin is online on the forums nearly everyday and is very active. NeoBux support responses are usually made within 24 hours of any inquiry or request.
NeoBux Payments -
NeoBux accepts and sends payments by AlertPay. Both standard and golden accounts have the instant cashout option, there is no waiting. You must have $3.00 minimum in your account to cashout.
NeoBux Payment Proofs -
NeoBux Payment $22.62 (12/24/09)
NeoBux Payment $4.49 (01/25/09)
NeoBux Payment $2.63 (06/06/08)

Overall TSKSOFT Rating: 10/10

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Make a Backup to Restore Email In Gmail Account Easily

If you have ever lost any emails from your Gmail account then you should backup your Gmail account to prevent any loss of your e-mails.
Gmail Backup is the tool that allow Gmail user to regular backup of their mail and restore when necessary. Gmail backup will backup all the mail including the mail information such as labels, date, from and etc. It using the Gmail built in IMAP capability to backup the email and save the messages in Microsoft EML format which allow restoring to other mail client such as Microsoft Outlook.

The Windows version comes with a simple graphical interface — just enter in your email address and password, select a backup folder, and click the Backup button. It will save your messages in Microsoft’s EML format complete with attachments.
Use Gmail Backup Free

Gmail adds Drag and drop attachments feature

GMAIL, the highly popular email service by Google has now added 2 new features – Invitation and Drag and drop attachments.
The Drag and drop files to Gmail is really handy and time saving. You can now upload files to Gmail messages in an easy way, without opening Attach a file > browse file and then open it. One or multiple files can be uploaded at once.

To attach files, just open the desired folder, select the files and ‘drag n drop’ them to Gmail. Gmail will then show a green box asking to add them as attachments.
Note: Currently, you can drag and drop attachments in Chrome and Firefox only.
The 2nd new feature ‘Invitation’ brings tighter integration between Gmail and Calendar, making it easier to create Calendar events from within Gmail. When you compose an email message, there’s now an "Insert: Invitation" link right under the subject line.
via [Official Gmail Blog]